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9-23-16 Medicaid Proposed Changes from our Medicaid Representative, Angela Traweek:
Notification of Public Comment Period for Proposed Changes to the Medicaid Regulations related to provision of PT, OT and ST services.

As many of you are aware, our state is currently undergoing Medicaid payment reform. This is due to the steady rise in utilization of Medicaid dollars. Initially, the state considered a rate reduction of 3-6% across the board. Association representatives came together to discuss other options that could be brought to the table for consideration. After much discussion and analysis on ways to approach savings to Medicaid spending without imposing reimbursement rate reductions, the therapy associations along with the CHMS and DDPA proposed that the state consider placing a 90 minute per week, per discipline cap on therapy with the option of requesting prior authorization for any treatments recommended to exceed the cap.
The Therapy Advisory Council met on September 14th with the intent of discussing the details of how the prior authorization process would work. It was at the beginning of this meeting that the therapy association representatives learned that Medicaid has written the 90 minute cap into proposed regulations and the notice for public comment period had already been issued that very day.
The intention was and still is for therapists to have the option to submit for prior authorization any therapy recommendation exceeding the cap.
In Summary:
On September 14, 2016, Medicaid submitted proposed changes to the manual for therapy. The public comment period on these proposed changes ends on October 14, 2016. Below is an excerpt of the proposed changes from one of the Medicaid provider manuals – this change is repeated in all Medicaid provider manuals that reference PT, OT and ST services.   Please go to the Arkansas Medicaid website at www.medicaid.state.ar.us to review the proposed changes and the process for public comment. The state has set a public hearing regarding this matter along with several proposed changes to other industries on September 30th at 11:00 AM at the DHS Building downtown Little Rock. The public hearing will be held in Conference Room B. The DHS building is located at 7th and Main Streets in Little Rock.

 Occupational, physical and speech therapy services are available to beneficiaries in the ARKids First-B program and must be performed by a qualified, Medicaid participating Occupational, Physical or Speech Therapist. A referral for an occupational, physical or speech therapy evaluation and prescribed treatment must be made by the beneficiary’s PCP or attending physician if exempt from the PCP program. All therapy services for ARKids First–B beneficiaries require referrals and prescriptions be made utilizing the “Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy for Medicaid Eligible Recipients Under Age 21” form DMS-640. View or print form DMS-640.

Occupational, physical and speech therapy referrals and covered services are further defined in the Physicians and in the Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Provider Manuals. Physicians and therapists must refer to those manuals for additional rules and regulations that apply to occupational, physical or speech therapy services for ARKids First–B beneficiaries.

Arkansas Medicaid applies the following daily therapy benefits to occupational, physical and speech therapy services in this program:

  1. Medicaid will reimburse up to four (4) occupational, physical and speech therapy evaluation units (1 unit = 30 minutes) per state fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) without authorization. Additional evaluation units will require an extended therapy request.
  2. Medicaid will reimburse up to six (6) occupational, physical and speech therapy units (1 unit = 15 minutes) weekly, per discipline, without authorization. Additional therapy units will require an extended therapy request.
  3. All requests for extended therapy services must comply with the guidelines located within the Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy Provider Manual.

Save the date--October 7th, 2016! For registration information, please visit https://securelb.imodules.com/s/1618/index.aspx?sid=1618&gid=1&pgid=715&cid=1516

Update your itinerary and plan on attending our inaugural 2016 fall conference! Through a full schedule of leadership and educational sessions, attendees will network with fellow professionals and learn from the various research and practice initiatives presented. Headlining the conference will be the first Marian Ross Lectureship, delivered by Dr. Robin E. Bowen, president of Arkansas Tech University and occupational therapy practitioner. More information regarding registration and session details will soon be available; be sure to check back here and by visiting https://uca.edu/ot/. See you there!

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