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A new document has added to the Arkansas Medicaid update section regarding the proposed Medicaid Manual changes.

AROTA will be holding a general board meeting on 5-5-18. It will be held from 10am-12pm at Arkansas Tech University, Morton Hall Rm 124. The board wil meet from 10-11, but members are invited to attend from 11-12 to provide input and ask questions. We hope to see you there!

 1-30-18 The optum screen for DDTCS and CHMS facilities has been delayed until 3-1-18 in order to allow for more training and to finalize facility schedules. They are looking for 3 more facilities (providers) to go ahead and start the screening process at one of their facilities. Contact DDS for further information.

1-19-18 Free School Based Professional Development opportunity!
Seeking AR OT's who are employed by school districts who want to take advantage of FREE professional development!!! Please share with others! If interested, please contact Tina A. Mankey, Ed.D, OTR/L at tinam@uca.edu by February 2.

12-13-17 Take a look at this upcoming course coming soon to Northeast Arkansas!

10-16-17 Updated information on the Passe formation can be found here https://www.medicaid.state.ar.us/general/programs/passe.aspx

9-29-17 Update regarding DDTCS and CHMS Manual changes: The updates to the Child Health Management Services (CHMS) and Developmental Day Treatment Clinic Services (DDTCS) manuals were aproved by the Arkansas Legislative Council on 9-15-17. Most of the manual changes go into effect on 10-1-17. However, thera are a few important exceptions. In the CHMS manual, the ratios are decreasing, but they are pushing back the date to July 1, 2018 (there was a typo in the original letter, but it is 7-1-18 NOT 7-1-17). This is being pushed back in order to allow facilities time to hire and train additional staff. The DDTCS ratios were already in place and will not be changing. Secondly, the implementation of the developmental screen for children entering DDTCS and CHMS facilities (which is to be completed by a thrid party called Optum), requied a State Plan Amendment (SPA). They are waiting for CMS approval, so this cannot go into effect on 10-1-17. Medicaid will be sending out a follow up memo regarding when this will go into effect after CMS approval. All other changes in the manual are effective beginning 10-1-17.

7-27-17 Please log in and go to the member area message board/forum to see an update from the meeting with Medicaid and AFMC. Additional information added 7-31-17.

As a follow up to the meeting the PT, OT and Speech associations had with AFMC and DDS, we will be attending another meeting on July 27th to discuss issues that continue to arise with the 90 minute rule and billing through AFMC.  On behalf of the associations we welcome any feedback that can be provided on issues with billing Medicaid since the institution of the 90 minute rule on July 1st.  Based on feedback from members we are hoping to discuss the following issues

Multiple facilities billing for services provided to one beneficiary
The Process for using the PA number including whether to use the number on all units or just those above 90 minutes
Process for denial of claims
Calculating units when using assistants
"Fixes" that will be implemented with the new MMIS
Education for physicians regarding the new changes/rules

If you have additional questions you would like answered, please log in and post them on our internal message board.  


We have had several questions continue to be asked that were not addressed on the Q&A Form from AFMC.

1. Splitting therapist & assistant units on the request: 


6-20-17  OT, PT & ST Manual Changes effective 7-1-17 http://www.arota.org/images/Update_to_Medicaid_Therapy_OT_PT_ST_Effective_7-1-2017.pdf

6-5-17 Please take some time and help our student members with research projects by completing research surveys. See the new link under the "Quick Links" section for Student Surveys/Research.

Ongoing: Regarding the new OT Evaluation/Re-evaluation CPT codes...Arkansas Medicaid is not ready for us to begin using the new codes. Watch for notifications on the Arkansas Medicaid website in the upcoming months for when to begin using the new codes. For now, continue as you have been until official notice. The new OT CPT codes and descriptors can be found here...http://www.aota.org/Advocacy-Policy/Federal-Reg-Affairs/Coding/evaluation-cpt-codes-descriptors.aspx

General Information

In Arkansas, Occupational Therapy is regulated by the Arkansas State Medical Board. For licensure information, please contact:

Arkansas State Medical Board
1401 West Capitol Avenue, Suite 340
Little Rock, AR 72201-2936
(501) 296-1802     

For the Arkansas Occupational Therapy Pratice Act, please visit:

For the Arkansas OTA change/add supervision form and tracking log, please visit:

Depending upon your practice setting, you may need an NPI (National Provider Identifier). It is free and can be obtained online at:

In order to become a Medicaid Provider in Arkansas, please visit:

Professional Development Unit (PDU) online calculator (converts contact hours and CEUs into PDUs):